Adoption Process / Fees

Considering adoption?

There are many considerations that should be examined before making this important and life-long decision. Many of those considerations are crucial to a pet’s well-being and your satisfaction as the guardian of your new family member.

Next, adding an animal to your household should not be a hurried decision. It will have a life-style-changing outcome, so careful, educated planning is necessary for the safety and happiness of both the adopter and the pet.

Of course, there are many environmental considerations, such as the size of yards and proper fencing; but finding the “right” pet for your household can be somewhat narrowed down to the following:

  • Look at the amount of time you have for a pet.
  • Examine your motivation for wanting a pet.
  • Choose a specie/breed/individual that matches your life-style
  • Make a commitment.
  • Plan for the future.

Not all animals will be available for adoption at the time of your visit. Many will be in the mandated holding period, awaiting their owner to claim them. Others may have behavioral or medical issues which make them unsuitable for adoption.

For those animals found suitable for adoption but not yet available, a “hold” or “Red Alert” may be placed on the pet for the day it becomes available. The Adoption Counselors will be able to explain this process in detail.

We suggest you fill out an Adoption Survey(LINK?). The survey’s purpose is to learn more about your lifestyle and expectations of a new pet. If you decide on a particular pet, please take the cage card to the front counter and speak to an Adoption Counselor. Please ask questions, as Adoption Counselors are knowledgeable about pet care and training and are responsible to know our shelter animals’ personalities. They may suggest other possible matches for a new pet based on all factors involved. We encourage to bring your other dog(s) for “meet and greet” in our “get acquainted area” before you decide.

Once the adoption is approved by all parties, the adoption is processed at the front counter. We strongly advised micro-chipping of your new pet in case it ever gets lost or stolen. Microchips are required by law in San Jacinto and the unincorporated areas of Riverside County. All dogs and cats are required by law to be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter so they do not contribute to the overpopulation problem. This is usually arranged for the next business day and your new pet will go home the day of surgery to start a new life.

If your adopted animal appears sick, surgery may be delayed until the animal is better. The animal will remain at the shelter until fit for surgery at no additional cost to the adopter.

Thank you for adopting a homeless pet.

Pet Adoption Prices


DOGS :   $125

PUPPIES (under 1YR) :   $178

Rabbits (includes Spay/neuter) :   $45 (no microchip)

  • Senior Citizen Discount: (65 years or better): $20 off regular priced adoptions!
  • OR
  • Senior to Senior (person 65 years or better) adopting a pet 7 years or better and the pet is already altered:    donation only

All dog and cat adoptions include spay/neuter, de-worming, and age appropriate vaccines and microchip with free registration.

Adoption Survey

Click Here To Adoption Survey