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RHS is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that receives no public or private government funding & is supported solely by contributions, grants, bequests, investments, and adoption and service fees from people like you. Any donation, regardless of size, demonstrates a deep personal commitment to help care for the nearly 8,000+ animals brought to our door each year.

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Your Donations Save Lives! Greatest Need Fund Donations to the area of greatest need are undesignated and applied where the funds will have the greatest impact on the Ramona Humane Society and our community. This fund allows us to allocate the funds when and where they will have the greatest impact, responding to challenges and new opportunities as they arise. Rescue/Foster Fund As an Open Door Shelter, the Ramona Humane Society turns away no animal in need from the cities we serve. This results in an overabundance of underage kittens and puppies. We depend on a unique and dedicated group of foster volunteers to help us save more lives by taking the animals into their homes. Donations go to buy supplies such as milk replacer, bottles, Nutrical, food, potty pads, and medication. The Ramona Humane Society is committed to the goal that no adoptable or treatable shelter animal should be euthanized if the animal can be adopted into a suitable home or transferred to an approved adoption partner organization. RHS works with over 150 rescue groups to transfer animals that may otherwise not have an opportunity for adoption. Your donations will help pay for the quality veterinary care needed and a “third” chance at a new home for homeless pets. Spay/Neuter Fund These funds are strategically applied for those who cannot afford to sterilize their animals, preventing unwanted litters to be born only to end up at the shelter. Your donations help us to continue to provide affordable, quality spay/neuter services for all animals in the San Jacinto Valley. Emergency Medical Fund Many of the animals come to the Ramona Humane Society injured or ill as a result of abandonment, hit by car or cruelty cases. Helping sick/injured animals puts a tremendous strain on shelter resources. In the past, these animals were most often put down. Now with our relationship with a full-service hospital and your donations, we can save them, find a foster home and when recovered, find a permanent forever home. In Honor/In Memory Of Fund What better way to honor an individual or pet than with a monetary donation in Honor and Memory of to support the Ramona Humane Society and the many animals in our care!  Any donation, regardless of size, demonstrates a deep personal commitment to help care for the 8,000+ animals brought to our door each year. Your support means so much to us!  Kennel Replacement Project Fund Our 100+ dog kennels have been full to capacity and in constant use for the last 25 years. We are currently raising funds to replace our old, worn dog kennels. Replacing the kennels will not only improve their appearance but will make them much more sanitary and safe for the dogs. The cost for each of the kennels is $2500. This tax-deductible donation can be paid by cash, check or credit card. Re-occurring monthly payments of $210 for one year can be set up through an automatic debit system. If you can’t afford to sponsor an entire kennel, any donation to the Kennel Replacement Fund will go directly to this specific project.

*By making your gift monthly, you invest in our lifesaving animal protection programs by providing a reliable stream of funds. Each month your contribution is transferred from your credit card or bank account to the Ramona Humane Society. You can increase, decrease or suspend your gift amount at any time.