End of Life Services – Owner Requested Euthanasia

end-of-life-dog At Ramona Humane Society, we’re here to support you through all the stages of your animal’s life, even the tough ones. End of life care for your pet brings about both difficult and emotional decisions. Many pet owners have questions and concerns about the euthanasia process. The hardest part of loving a pet is knowing when to let go. When your pet’s quality of life is deteriorating – when he or she is no longer interested in food, experiencing extreme pain, overly depressed, or cannot control defecation or urination – it is time to do the truly loving thing and make a decision about helping them on their way. Our euthanasia technicians are trained and caring. The staff members responsible for euthanasia are trained and caring. They know how to keep animals calm and they make the procedure as painless and anxiety-free as possible. All staff members performing euthanasia have received training and certification by a Licensed Veterinarian. The procedure is humane. The animal is brought into a quiet room that is isolated from the rest of the shelter. There are no other animals present. The animal is comforted and soothed prior to the procedure. Our technicians talk to and pet the animal, offer treats, or do anything else that may be necessary to keep the animal calm and comfortable. The procedure is painless. Euthanasia is by injection only. This is the method endorsed and approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States. A lethal dosage of sodium pentobarbital is injected into a vein. The drug, which works quickly and effectively, is designed to first put the animal to sleep and then stop its heart. There is no discomfort or pain associated with the procedure. Animals are treated with the respect they deserve. Every animal that must be euthanized is given the compassion and respect it deserves.  We believe every animal deserves the best possible end-of-life experience. Euthanasia with or without owner present –$100 includes cost of disposal. (no appointment necessary, 8 am—3 pm) However, we do not want this fee to prevent anyone in need from delaying a very difficult decision. If your pet has already passed away, we will accept the remains for a  donation of $15. We also offer private cremation through a third party for an additional fee. Please call to learn about pricing. It takes up to two weeks to have your pet’s ashes returned to you. Honoring Your Pet A memorial gift to the Ramona Humane Society is a personal remembrance that honors the life of a pet that has passed. You can choose to donate any amount in the memory of your pet who has passed, and we will honor you both in our quarterly newsletter, Pawsitive News. *We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia of any animal.