Relinquishing a Pet

The Ramona Humane Society accepts pets surrendered by their owner as well as those found as lost or stray within our jurisdiction.  For many people, surrendering a pet can be emotionally upsetting. Unpredictable changes in life situations, allergies in the family, financial difficulties, or behavioral problems are just a few. Often a pet is surrendered because an owner simply has no choice, or is unaware of resources that can help keep them together with their pet. The Ramona Humane Society’s staff recognizes that this is a very difficult time for you and your family.  You may be able to find other alternatives than surrendering your beloved pet. Click here for additional Pet Friendly Housing Resources Click here for Pet Friendly Housing search:  Click here for help with Behavior Issues There are several things we ask you to remember when surrendering a pet:
  1. Bring your pet’s veterinary records and important documents
  2. Please fill out a Pet Information Sheet:   Having as much information as possible about your pet makes it much easier for us to get to know him or her
  3.  The Ramona Humane Society operates on individual donations, bequests, grants and fees. We are not supported financially by national animal welfare organizations. Each animal turned into our shelter costs us well over $340, to accept and care for.
  4. This fee helps pay for vaccines, deworming, food and care for your pet for a minimum of 5 days and usually, until your pet is rescued or adopted.
Owner Surrender intake fee for Adoption $125  Owner Surrender (Out of Jurisdiction) for Adoption *** Due to the high volume of animals at the shelter, we can no longer accept out of jurisdiction surrendered pets. Please go to your local shelter.Out of jurisdiction means locations other than the cities of Beaumont, Calimesa, Hemet, and San Jacinto. Riverside County’s San Jacinto Shelter also accepts owned animals for a fee. *For animals with moderate to severe medical or behavior problems that make them un-adoptable such as aggression or injuries or illnesses requiring medical care, owners may be asked to sign their pet over for euthanasia as we may do not have the resources to treat your animal. We operate an open-admission shelter which means we will accept any animal from our service area regardless of age, health, or temperament. All animals will be evaluated before being offered for adoption.