RHS Wish List

Our most heartfelt wish is to get all the animals at the shelter into new and loving homes. But until we can do that there are specific items we can use to provide for them.

    1. Gift Cards to Home Depot or Lowes
    2. Dry and canned dog/cat/kitten/puppy food
    3. Kitten and puppy milk replacer
    4. Chicken Scratch (food)
    5. Clorox Bleach
    6. Clay Cat Litter
    7. Distilled water gallon
    8. Towels and small blankets
    9. Laundry and dish soap
    10. Paper towels and toilet paper
    11. Trash bags: 45 gallon or larger
    12. AA, AAA, 9V and D batteries
    13. Hand Sanitizer (2 liter)
    14. Brooms/dust pan
    15. Laundry Baskets
    16. Digital rectal thermometer
    17. Scouring pads, sponges
    18. Pill Pockets
    19. Disinfecting wipes
    20. Shoe boxes (for kitties to
    21. hide in)
    22. Exam gloves-all sizes
    23. New 100 ft. Water Hoses
    24. 220 v Electric Dryer 3prong plug
    25. Office Supplies: Pens, tape, file folders, copy paper etc.,
    26. Liquid Hand Soap
    27. New Kennel Cages $2500 each You
You can also choose items from our Amazon wishlist and have items shipped directly to us. Please sign-in at smile.amazon.com  so a percentage of the sale goes to RHS without costing you more. Select your favorite charity: Ramona Humane Society. Select items from our shopping list. Thank you Help us enrich the lives of shelter cats by purchasing Stretch & Scratch today. They can be shipped directly to the Ramona Humane Society. www.stretchandscratch.com.